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Jiuhe focuses on the production of high-quality products, mainly engaged in various automatic pad printing equipment


Jiuhe focuses on meeting your requirements and production, providing efficient after-sales service


Production advantages

High quality equipment and high efficiency production

  • Improve product quality stability, enhance product competitiveness
  • Reduce production cost and management cost,
    Improve production efficiency and increase enterprise benefit

International standard quality assurance

  • Adopting international standard processing technology, the qualified rate of finished products is high
    The products are compatible with international advanced high-end equipment


Quality advantage


Service advantages

Gold service guaranteed after sales

  • The engineer team has many years of automation equipment manufacturing experience
    At any time to provide you with pre-sale and after-sales technical consultation and guidance
  • Special treatment of urgent orders to ensure the maximum interests of customers
  • Perfect logistics distribution center, products are sold all over the country

High quality configuration

  • Help enterprises save manpower and improve working conditions
    Solve the problem of difficult and expensive employment
  • Standard products are rich, fortunately complete, with a large stock,
    High cost performance.


Business advantages


Company Profile

Shenzhen Jiuhe Precision Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Jiuhe precision automation equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 with a registered capital of 15.5 million. It passed the ISO9000 certification and obtained the quality system certificate in 2009. It is one of the companies of Jiuhe group. Over the years, it has been committed to various automatic screen printing machines, pad printing machines, stamping machines, transfer machines, 3D mobile phone watch glass fields and supporting consumables (pad printing steel plate, pad printing rubber head) And peripheral equipment production and R & D manufacturers.

The main products are all kinds of automatic pad printing equipment and matching pad printing ink color matching, 3D glass window pad printing solution one-stop supplier, the company always firmly believes that to create value for customers, Jiuhe has value.

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New technology of pad printing machine

The development of pad printers towards automation is the consensus of the industry. This is a necessary way to improve production efficiency and reduce costs, and it is also the shift from labor-intensive industries to...

Oil cup pad printer & oil basin pad printer: What is the difference between them?

It can be divided into open oil cup and oil seal system printers, and the plastic head stroke is on the two same operating systems.

Jiuhe's main products at this stage are various automated pad printing equipment

Shenzhen Jiuhe Precision Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., formerly known as the equipment production department of Shenzhen Jiuhe Screen Printing Equipment Co., Ltd., has been committed to various automated screen printing machines, pad printing machines, hot stamping machines...
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What are the mechanical parameters of the PSC500-ZD05 double-station automatic displacement printer?
Number of work stations (pieces), number of pad printing positions (pieces), steel plate size (mm), oil cup size (mm), maximum printing area (mm), printing accuracy (mm), printing efficiency (pcs/hr), power supply , Power consumption (KW), air source pressure (KG/c㎡), body size...
What are the specifications of the ink cup blade of PSC600-ink cup type pad printer?
Oil cup blade specifications: round 65MM; round 90MM; round 120MM; 190MM
What are the parameters of the automatic loading and unloading machine for PSC200-B ink cup type pad printer?
The automatic loading and unloading machine has the function of automatic loading and unloading for the PSC200-B ink cup type pad printer. The staff only need to stack the trays on the loading and unloading machine, and then take the trays in stacks after printing.
PSC200-B ink cup type pad printer feature description
Suitable for mobile phone 2D/2.5D/3D glass pad printing process * The head is driven up and down, front and back, and left and right of the oil cup. Servo motor and linear guide drive are used to drive the whole machine more smoothly and accurately.


Since its establishment, Jiuhe has served more than 6000 enterprises, including many of the world's top 100 enterprises


Shenzhen Jiuhe Precision Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.


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